There has to be something to say about have multiple on-going projects. I think I actually get more accomplished when I have more than one project in the works.  When I get stuck on one project (ahem, stupid elastic waistband), I can easily move over to another (hello quilt) and when I'm sick of sewing 1/4" inch straight lines I can work off some "I don't feel like going to bed yet" energy cleaning out a mountain of packaging filler that I keep thinking I'll use but never send out as many items as I bring in. Wow, if that isn't a run on sentence I don't know what is. Oh well.
So this week I finally finished one (yes, only one (stupid elastic waistband)) pair of pants for Ian's fall wardrobe. Sized 12 months for my nearly 19 month old and they fit great.
The waistband is a little wonky...I have a heck of a time following the instructions in the pattern and think I'm going to try a slightly different way that will hopefully be easier and get the remaining pants (4 pairs) completed before snow starts falling on the ground. He'll also need some shirts I'm sure. ;)

I was also able to complete 50 out of 70 of my quilt blocks for my first quilt and am really loving how quickly it's going. I'm able to get 5 blocks done in about a half an hour which is perfect for right after putting the little man to bed and winding myself down for some Zs. 

I was also able to de-clutter some more of my craft room. Huzzah!


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