Bee block #2 & #5 redo, redid? redone?

Since I didn't really like how my bee block #2 & #5 turned out I decided to remake them. 
I am very pleased with how they turned out. 


Block #5

Here are all six (minus the test block I made for myself): 

Bee Blocks #6 & #7

I sewed these two blocks up at the same time and was able to complete both in just over 2 hours.
I just doubled my productivity. ;)

I've got all 7 blocks created, 6 for my hive mates and 1 for me.
I'm definitely going to redo blocks #2 & #5 though...they're not working for me as they currently are.

So, Ripping it is

Since I don't have the mental capacity for math at the end of the day I've decided to let my trusty seam ripper do the work. It's actually going a lot faster than I thought it would. Plop down in front of the TV and go to town. 

I wish I could follow directions

I started work on what I'm referring to as my stained glass quilt. I've already messed up.

The sashing for the individual blocks is 1/2" smaller than the sashing for putting the blocks together. Something I didn't figure out until I'd made up the 9x9 block, after having already completed 8 blocks with 4 seams each. That'd be 32 seams to rip out since I don't have enough fabric to start over. Or doing a lot of math in order to make the center blocks work out. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. I decide to put it away for now and finish something else I've started. 

Bee block #5

I didn't have a lot of time to sew over the past couple of weeks. I tried sewing another Bee block intermittently and am not overly thrilled with how it turned out.
The outer points are so scant I won't be able to square it up to 12 1/2". I really needed to overlap the gray fabric a bit more. Also, I'm not really digging the color arrangement. I think I needed to break up the two orange triangles. It feels a little off balance. Oh well, live & learn.

Stained Glass Window

I have a two-story entryway in my house and ever since we moved in (almost four years) I've really wanted to add something between the two windows because I think it looks really bare.

 I came across this really awesome quilt pattern:
Jaybird Quilts

It looks just like a stained glass window and it's the perfect size to fit directly between the two windows. 

A few purple & green prints from Kate Spain's Central Park line of fabric and I'm good to go.

March HST Block

My January block was 13 1/2" square (sort of), February block was 12" square (again, sort of.)
March block came out exactly right. 12 1/2" square (mostly).

Emme feels it is necessary to be a part of any project I'm currently working on: