A little of this, a little of that

I've been putzing around my sewing machine. Finishing odds & ends. My sister-in-law's b'day is this week and I was told she was wanting to get a sewing machine so I made this for her:

Not the sewing machine, but the nifty little caddy that hold's stuff. I found the tutorial via Pinterest. God bless that site. I put the above photo & a little something to go towards the sewing machine in one of the pockets. I wasn't sure she'd know what it was without some sort of reference. It went together really quick and made me think I should make one for myself. All in good time. ;)

I did sew up my February block for InColorOrder's Half Square Quilt-a-long.

This one was a pit of a pain for me to get lined up as well. I'm thinking I may start pressing my seams open. It also turned out about an inch smaller all the way around than my January block. Reviewing the January instructions I realized that I didn't square each block to 3.5" before sewing each block together, which I did do for the February block. So, which block should I redo? Who knows. I'm leaving them for now. 

My curves class starts this week and I'm trying not to start any new projects so I can focus on the class. It'll be a whirlwind of curvy sewing.  Plus I've been working on the block for the Quilt Bee I signed up for and so far I don't have anything photo worthy.

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