Another Quilt begins

Probably more than one. I seriously need to stop buying fabric. I've got fabric for at least 5 or 6 quilts.  I do know what each pile of fabric is eventually going to be, so at least that's good. I think.
Working for a living really cramps my sewing time I gotta tell you. Anyway, on to the most recent pile.

So a couple months back I bought a charm pack because it was on sale. A little later I realize that I'm just not going to be able to make a lap quilt with only a charm pack & a solid color. Then I saw this picture of a quilt in progress on one of the blogs I follow:
Goddess in Progress

I couldn't wait to see when it was finished so I could see the overall design.

Meanwhile there's a sale on the yardage on some of the fabrics in the charm pack I bought, so I buy some and a little while later the lovely lady finishes the quilt top and while it is excellent, its not the look I was imagining in my head. Darn it. Back to the drawing board...

Luckily I came across this quilt:
Little Miss Shabby

Along with an excellent tutorial. Exactly the inspiration I needed. Unfortunately the size appeared to be more of a crib size than a lap quilt. So I decided to buy a layer cake to go with my charm pack and just up the size of the blocks.
Then I realized in order to make it I'd need another charm pack. Son of a ...sheesh.

So now I'm going to kind of wing it I think. Each time I make one big block I get two smaller blocks. So I'm going to make my way through the layer cake, charm pack & extra yardage and see where this quilt takes me. Hopefully somewhere lovely.  This one is eventually going to be going to the wonderful lady who watches my son 3 days a week. For now I'll call it the Curio quilt since that's the fabric line, from Basic Grey for Moda.

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