Curio quilt top continued

As I was laying the blocks out for this quilt on my bed I was having some serious reservations about continuing. It just looked like a hot mess. Since I didn't really have time to start over from scratch I decided to just move forward. Luckily once all the blocks were sewn together the quilt top didn't look too bad. 

 Adding a couple of borders really helped as well

So off to the quilters she goes.

Curio Quilt Redesign

So I've been very slowly working on the Curio quilt for the wonderful lady who watches my son three days a week. Since her kids are a little older than my guy the summer schedule was going to get a bit tough with nap times and extracurricular activities so we decided it was time to change things up. So now instead of lazily working on it through the rest of the year, I need to whip it out by the end of the month. 
My original inspiration was this: 

Little Miss Shabby
The blocks were taking much too long to put together and weren't lining up well since I was working on it haphazardly so I decided to go with this inspiration instead: 

Goddess In Progess

Zoom....this is going much quicker. Hopefully it turns out nicely. :)

May HST Block

I laughed out loud when I saw the block for this month for the In Color Order Half-Square Triangle QAL.

It's almost identical to the blocks I made for the Nubee blocks I made just a little while ago. This one went together pretty quickly. :)

Busy busy busy

I've been really busy lately with non-sewing stuff. :(
I started a fitness challenge with a few of my co-workers at the beginning of April and it has soaked up a lot of my free time. My husband started it out with me as well, but stopped after a week since he already had his own work-out routine and wasn't interested in all the extras he'd have to do. After four weeks I've definitely noticed a difference. I've lost 3 whole pounds. Yay?! My husband lost 13 pounds. (bugger!)
I was really hoping to lose 10 but I suppose that's an unrealistic goal. I definitely feel healthier which is good and I do plan on continuing to exercise and track what I eat. Hopefully my new 'lifestyle' will reward me with several more pounds leaving me for good. The challenge is up in 2 days and I'm hoping to get some serious sewing done. Especially since Skirt Week is coming up at Crafterhours! I've got some fabric on the way and a couple of skirt ideas bouncing around in my head.


Lots more to come in the month of May. :)