Just in the nick of time

I completed my third quarter 3x6 Bee Blocks.

Another paper piecing block that I found on http://www.quiltiger.com/. A designer block named Allana. Luckily it they went together pretty quickly. The most time consuming part is always picking out the fabrics.
Got them out in the mail the day of the deadline. Nothing like squeaking by....I seem to do that a lot.

Groovy Crib quilt top done!

or maybe the title of this post should be attack of the photo bomber.

So apparently the floor is not the ideal place for photo taking. So I just put it up on my 'design wall' (batting thumbtacked to the wall).

I really liked working on this. The curves were a little tricky and I ended up using my Retro Flowers templates instead of the cardstock templates I cut out from the pattern. I also did a log cabin approach to the piecing instead of how the pattern was written. I really loved putting it together, so much fun. This is the first quilt I've made using all solids and it's so satisfying piecing cause it's so crisp and clean. 
I'm looking forward to quilting it...I think I'm actually going to try and do it myself on my itty bitty sewing machine *gasp* We shall see. 
Now on to the king size. ;)...first I have to get my 3x6 Quilt Bee blocks completed though.