Look what I got!

I finally got around to taking pictures of the blocks I received in the two quilt block swaps I participated in the last couple months.
3x6 Paper Pieced Hive

Nubee April Bee

It's so much fun getting blocks in the mail. Like a little mini Christmas.

Nubee April 2012 Hive 8 Blocks

Well, I decided to go with the first block I made using the half-square triangles.
Seems like I've been doing those for quite a while now.

With this particular design I have two print fabrics with one solid color and I found that if I pressed half of the seams towards the print fabric and the other half towards the solid color I could arrange them so that the points lined up perfectly.

I ended up making a total of 5 and am glad I decided to go with the more difficult block. 
Nothing like a learning experience. 

How'd they know?

Canoe Ridge Creations hosted a Half-Square Triangle Festival the last week or so. It's like they knew I'd been working on them since last December. Nothing like getting more inspiration. I'm DEFINITELY going to be trying the potholders that Jeni at In Color Order posted a tutorial about.
I'm going to link up the quilt I made for my folks back in December.

There are some really incredible projects already linked up. Looking forward to see who wins nifty stuff. :)

Another Quilting Bee

Since I finished up all my blocks for the 3x6 Quilt Bee I decided to join another one.
The NuBees quilt bee. I'm having a bit of an issue coming up with a block.
This one isn't a paper piecing one, so I can make whatever I like as long as  I follow the color scheme of each hive member.

The first block I made was this one:

Which is made with half square triangles. Love the design, execution, not so much. The points are horrible. 

Since this bee only runs for a month instead of 2 1/2 like the first bee I decided to make a simpler design in order to be able to complete it in time. So I came up with this: 

 Too busy. Not quite right.  So here's attempt #3:

Better than #2, but according to my husband not as cool as the design of #1.
So I think I'll try to make block #1 again. If it works out better the second time around it'll be my final choice and if not we've got block #3 to fall back on.

Oh the difference 1/2" makes

I'm so glad I sucked it up and ripped out the stitches on the blocks for the Stained Glass Window quilt.
Narrowing the black sashing really helps make the colored prints more of a focal point.

April HST Block

This block went together perfectly! No bulky craziness, no ripping out stitches. So pleased with how it turned out.

I 'think' I might be getting a hang on these half-square triangles. ;) {crossed fingers}