Another Quilting Bee

Since I finished up all my blocks for the 3x6 Quilt Bee I decided to join another one.
The NuBees quilt bee. I'm having a bit of an issue coming up with a block.
This one isn't a paper piecing one, so I can make whatever I like as long as  I follow the color scheme of each hive member.

The first block I made was this one:

Which is made with half square triangles. Love the design, execution, not so much. The points are horrible. 

Since this bee only runs for a month instead of 2 1/2 like the first bee I decided to make a simpler design in order to be able to complete it in time. So I came up with this: 

 Too busy. Not quite right.  So here's attempt #3:

Better than #2, but according to my husband not as cool as the design of #1.
So I think I'll try to make block #1 again. If it works out better the second time around it'll be my final choice and if not we've got block #3 to fall back on.

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