One Shirt Down (sort of)

I finished up the first shirt for Ian's Wardrobe and was fairly pleased with I was taking a photo of it though I thought the neckline looked a little small. Since he was sleeping I had to wait to try it on him. 
As soon as he woke up I tried to pull it on over his head. No matter how I tugged on it, it would not come down over his head. BLAST! So I took the collar off and pulled it on over his head no trouble. I even took the neckline piece and pulled that over his head, both fit just fine. Guess I needed to stretch the  neckline more when I was topstitching it. {sigh}. I need to fix the length of the sleeves as well, they're about an inch and a half too long. Adding that brown stripe across the chest really helped make it the perfect length. 

In other news, I've signed up for the Curves class being taught by Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color. The first projects, bunting, bibs & a clamshell pillow, have been posted and I'm really looking forward to trying them out and improving my sewing skills.

I've also signed up on Flickr to be a part of the 6x3 quilting bee. There are 7 to each group/hive and my hive will be creating a paper-pieced 12 1/2" block. We'll each sew the design we've chosen in each of the color schemes that we've each selected. I've got my block design in mind and my color mosaic is lots of jewel tones.


Now I get to go buy some lovely fabric and start trying out my paper-peiced block. It'll be the first time I've ever sewn a paper-pieced quilt block. Hopefully my hive won't be disapointed. 

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