A Quartet of Quilts

Enter project #2. Four quilts (maybe 6 if I'm incredibly insane).  This year I decided to be really ambitious with my family Christmas gifts. I blame it entirely on this lady.
She makes so many really beautiful quilts that really have a modern feel and she has at least two patterns that seem fairly simple to accomplish. Squares. I can do squares. 

So I had a goal not to spend over $50 for each quilt and thanks to a 30% off sale at Joann's Fabric + a bonus 20% off coupon I was able to get ALL the fabric & batting I needed and was able to stay VERY close to my $50 cut off. So excited. 

Behold my lovely stacks of beautiful fabric...all washed and neatly folded: 

I know, only 3 piles of fabric, wouldn't that be a triplet? Not in this case...stack #3 will yield two quilts. 

So, you plan to make your son a fall wardrobe AND make four quilts within the next 3 months? Yes, yes I do. Okay, lady, it's your call. 

Quilt #1 - Purple & Green for my cousin: 

Let the piecing begin. 

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