Ian's Fall Wardrobe for 2011 Begins

I was inspired by this lady to sew my son a fall wardrobe. I figured if she could sew up two wardrobes with 6 kids that she home schools, I should certainly be able to crank out one.  I bought all the patterns & fabric months ago on the condition that I couldn't buy him any store bought clothes in the fall.

Well the weather around here has certainly changed from the 90s everyday down to the livable 70s so I'd better get cracking.
I really love love love to start new projects. Look at all that fabric lined up. I'm crazy. The planning and cutting out is a lot of fun for me.
So I decided to start out with pants (AJ Bottoms pattern from the nice lady mentioned above) since they go together really quickly and I only have to cut out 3 pieces..two legs & a waistband...easy peasy. Made slightly challenging by a cat (ahem, please move Emme) who likes to try and chew on the rotary cutter while I'm trying to cut the fabric.

Luckily I prevailed and got 6 whole pairs all cut out. Score!

I got one whole pair sewed up and thought, hmmm, they look a little long. Now I didn't bother checking dimensions on the pattern. I didn't take into consideration that my little 18 month old son is a pretty small little guy. He's only in the 10th percentile for height & weight and he still wears 12 month size clothes and occasionally some 9 month items. I just thought he's 18 months, I'll do the 18 month pattern.

A little comparison below...the khakis are a pair of pants that fit him well right now (size 12 months) and the black are the lovely new pair I sewed that are just a bit too big. Like 4 inches too long and saggy diaper looking too big. Blast!

I am thankful that I didn't sew up all 6 pairs before trying them on him. I'm glad I can sometimes curb my overzealousness.  Back to the drawing board....or tracing out pattern board. 

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