The Good & the Not-So-Good

I've mentioned before that I love to start projects but finishing them is always a challenge.
I've been working away at the purple & green quilt for my cousin and have sort of put my son's fall wardrobe on the back burner since he still has plenty of clothes...or so I thought. I came home from work on Saturday and found him dressed in pants that were two inches too short. I asked my hubby why he was wearing those and he said they were the only comfy looking pants he could find. I thought about it and he was right. The only comfy knit pants he has are size 6-9 months. Everything else are either shorts or khakis of some sort. That lit a fire under me and I finished up 4 more knit pants. That elastic waistband that kicked my butt on the first pair has got nothing on me now. I whipped it into submission!

Obviously I'll need some long sleeve-ed tops to go with the new pants but since he's already got some long-sleeved bodysuits we're covered for at least a little while. Now I'm debating between more pants or all-in-one outfits. The only hesitation I have with the all-in-one's is the snapping of the legs. He is a little wiggler at diaper changes and the thought of all those snaps after the diaper changing struggle makes me cringe. I like all-in-ones though cause they're only one item of clothing to put on instead of two.

On the quilt front I'm making a lot of progress though when I said earlier that I could sew squares I didn't know what the heck I was talking about. Apparently I can't sew squares well.

I was supposed to end up with lovely 7" squares and not a one of them (out of 70 mind you) is actually 7" square. Each row is so off that I'm just going to sew a white band between each row to try & hide the fact that I can't sew a straight seam to save my life.  Maybe quilt #2 will go better. 

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