I entered a contest!

One of my favorite blogs, Crafterhours posted a label competition and two label ideas popped into my head right off the bat so I decided I might as well go for it. I didn't enter their skirt week competition this past summer because, while it did get me back into sewing after a really long hiatus, another lady had used the exact same pattern that I did and I didn't feel it was very nice to post a similar skirt. So this time around I decided I was going to enter and see how I do.

I came up with these two:

I really needed to make the 2nd one bigger so you could see/read it better but oh well. If you can't read it, it says Handmade, with minimal cursing. ;)

Hopefully people will get a chuckle out of it. You can see all the tags that were entered here.
I'm rooting for the tractor Doo Dah one. :)

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