First two quilt tops are done!!

Two down, two to go. The purple & green quilt top didn't turn out too bad considering the trouble I had with making the squares. I decided to only do one border instead of two because it's getting enormous. I wanted it to be a lap quilt but it probably could fit a twin size bed if I added the bigger border. I like how it looks so I'm going to leave it as is and the binding will give the edge a little somethin somethin.

I am SO pleased with how the zig zag quilt top came out. Love love love it. Can't wait to start quilting. You may have noticed I didn't post a 'stitch happens' moment on the zig zag quilt which could possibly indicate that it went together like clockwork without a hitch in the process. Well the tag line for my blog does include 'pitfall' so this project didn't escape either. I lost a quilt block and I didn't put enough blocks together at the beginning so I had to rip out a couple stitches and sew in the necessary blocks. Luckily I figured this out before I got too far along and the blocks are SO simple to put together that didn't cause too much of a kerfuffle. I definitely need a better place to take pictures of completed quilt tops (& eventually completed quilts!!)

Quilt tops #3 & 4 shall commence shortly. I think I'm going to go with another zig zag quilt and a brick one similar to Amy Smart's Brickyard.  One will be for my Mom & Dad and the other will be for my Aunt & Uncle.

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