While I would have loved to have quilted each of the quilts myself there was no way on God's green earth that I was going to have the time to quilt each one before Christmas. So I took them to Judy at A Better Quilt and within 3 days she had all 4 quilts complete. They are BEAUTIFUL.

Quilt #1 Front
Quilt #1Back
I used quilting flannel for the backs because I want them to be all soft an snuggly. Right now they are still a little stiff but once I add the binding and give them a wash I think they'll soften up wonderfully.

Quilt#2 Front
 I am THRILLED with how the quilting came out for Quilt #2, definitely my favorite out of the four.
Since the pattern of the fabric for Quilt #3 was so busy we just did a simple meander pattern.
Quilt #3

 It took me forever to pick the quilt pattern for Quilt #4 but we eventually got it and its lovely.

Quilt#4 Front
Quilt#4 Back
Now all I have to do is add the borders and possibly a label and they will be complete!

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