I'm sure there was a better way

I'm pretty sure I pieced Quilt # 4 together in the most time consuming and ill-conceived way possible.

I didn't follow a pattern (I could have), I just planned it out all in my head and a little on paper and figured it'd all work out. That is SO not the way to make a quilt when the total number of quilts you've ever made can be counted on one hand. I'm still a newbie/beginner/novice when it comes to quilting so you'd think I'd use more sense and follow a pattern. Naw, not me, I figure if I can draw it on a piece of paper I can make it with out any issues. Ugh, every pitfall I inevitably fall into is a hole I dug myself.

I was tempted to stop at a certain point so that I could just add the borders and be done but I asked my husband for his opinion, should the bricks be all lined up or off set.

He suggested offset and I agreed.

So all 9 columns are complete, each column has 7 1/2 'bricks'. That's when things started to go downhill.
Each column I would sew on was shorter than the column before it. How in the world can I start off with the exact same dimensions on every piece of fabric and end up with 9 columns each one successively shorter than the one before? HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!?!?! It would make total sense to me if I had one long, one short, one long, one short, or some sort of variance but COME ON, every one shorter than the one before it?! Sheesh.

And here it is almost finished:

Now I have to figure out how to square it up a bit before adding the borders

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