I {heart} Spoonflower & Advent Calendars

I really love Spoonflower and wish I could enter every contest they have (& order tons of fabric). I entered their Cameo contest a while back and had a fairly respectable 150 votes. Which actually put me in the middle of the pack. Not too shabby for my very first design:

I also plan to enter their Advent Calendar contest and am waiting for my fabric to arrive so I can sew it up & make sure it's worthwhile to enter.  I LOVED the Christmas advent calendars we had when I was growing up. They weren't very fancy...just paper with little doors that you could open and read a little verse or story. My Mom crocheted some for us when we were older that you could put candy into. There's something so fun about getting a little something, whatever it may be, each day that helps make the holiday season that much more special.

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