After finally getting the tension & timing adjusted on Daisy I've been able to spend a little time practicing each evening. Usually only 20 minutes to an hour. I usually try to stop when I start feeling frustrated. I want to enjoy learning and not dread it. There is quite a learning curve to long arm quilting and I'm not a very patient person. I've got LOTS of quilt tops that need finishing and a whole slew of ideas as to how I want to finish each quilt. My mind thinks it'll be easy and then my hands get working and it's a bit tricker than I was anticipating. I'm not quite confidant enough to quilt an actual quilt...but I'm impatient to get started. We'll see which of my two sides wins out...the impatient one or the nit-picky perfectionist. 

I've been working from both the front & the back of the machine and like aspects of both. I just need to get into a rhythm and practice practice practice. 

Some free hand swirls

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