A new venture

This photo might be a bit dizzying but it's hard to take a picture of something that is twelve feet long in a room that is only fifteen feet long. 

This is Daisy....as in 'Driving Miss Daisy'. I didn't have the honor of naming her, but I thought it was pretty cute, so we're keeping it. :)

My very own long arm quilting machine. It's an A1 Elite and is only 8 years old. We've been getting to know each other since October. She had been looking for a home since March and had been dismantled hanging out in a garage. I've been learning a lot while putting her back together and getting her to run smoothly. Getting the tension right, straightening the leaders and figuring out why I keep shredding thread. Now I just need to get some practice in before I start quilting my quilts. Not quite confident enough to practice on the quilts I've made just yet. 

My ultimate goal will be to start a long arm quilting business. I really love Angela Walters and Jenny Pedigo and am going to aspire to be as accomplished as they are. Their style is one I hope to emulate. 

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