Baby quilt re-do

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So I need to get starting quilting on my new long arm and I've got several quilt tops that I've finished. However I would like to start out on something that can't be ruined by mediocre quilting. Enter the very first quilt I ever made...

I actually made two of the exact same quilt 10 (ten!) years ago. One was made with primary colors and the other was made with pastels. I was making it for my soon to arrive nephew. The plan was that it would be a double sided quilt. One side would be the primary colors and the other would be pastels. Well the two quilt tops ended up being different sizes since I didn't know anything about piecing or squaring up blocks etc etc.
So I finished up the primary colored one and gave it as a gift to my nephew and decided to keep the pastel one handy in the hopes that he would have a sister one day. Only 8 (yes eight!) years later my adorable niece made her arrival and I amazingly found & poorly finished her quilt. This was all before I caught a quilting bug that started this blog. I only quilted in the ditch around the borders and called it good (or at least good enough).

Once I got the crazy idea to get a long arm and try my hand actual quilting I knew that I wanted to re-do the quilting on my niece's quilt. I've already ripped out the quilting stitches & removed the backing. I felt that the borders looked a bit skimpy so I dove into my crawl space to see if I had the crazy good luck to have saved the leftover fabric....and I did:

The pale green feels almost like cardboard. I've give these a wash,  cut out pieces for the new borders and hopefully have enough left to piece a back.  Looking forward to quilting this one up...I've already got ideas on how I want to quilt it. Hopefully it'll turn out looking as good in real life as it's looking in my head.

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