A Labor of Love

My folks just got a new fifth wheel and will be glamping it up this coming summer. I offered to make them a new quilt for their bed since they are not big fans of the bedcover that came with the unit. It's a win-win..they get a beautiful new quilt that is warm, snuggly & attractive and I get free advertising for my yet to be started quilting company. :)

Both my parents like native american designs and we considered many quilt patterns on-line and weren't quite finding anything that really seemed just right. My mom had this great needlepoint that she had done years ago hanging on her wall and I suggested using a portion of it as the inspiration for their new quilt. 

So at Christmas I took a picture of the portion I thought would work nicely: 

After studying the design I figured doing half-rectangle triangles would be the easiest method of duplicating the pattern. I used an Excel spreadsheet to help me define the pattern and fill in the colors my mom preferred, brown, taupe/beige, rust & a bit of blue. 

She didn't want solids so she chose some fabrics on-line that she liked and I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to fill in the design with the fabric patterns. 

We have some kokopelli's and petroglyphs and some great Stonehenge fabrics to use as mock solids and a beautiful blue batik to give it a pop of color. I think it's going to be awesome. 

Their first camping trip is the end of April beginning of May so my goal is to have it pieced & quilted by then. 

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