T-shirt Quilt has been quilted!

This was a blast!! My very first quilt using Daisy.
I knew exactly how I wanted to quilt the non t-shirt part of it so I drew lines with this nifty little chalk tool I picked up at a nearby sewing machine shop, seriously cool shop by the way, if you're ever in Denver you MUST check it out! Aaaanyway, I digress. So I drew the lines on the quilt which actually took a lot longer that I thought and caused some minor shoulder strain holding up the ruler but I persevered and completed it. Whew.

I am SO stoked on how that part of the quilting turned out. It was worth every aching muscle of marking. :) I didn't really think about the t-shirt quilting other than I knew I was going to stitch in the ditch around each one. Some t-shirts turned out better than others. There are some that flat out just look like scribbles and I have no idea how to make them better so I'm just going to leave it...pretty sure it's going to end up as a cat bed for the majority of it's time so no sweat off my brow? back...what's that saying..aaaaanyway...moving on. 

I'm not a big fan of the whole meander quilting but I gotta tell you that it is a very essential tool in quilting. It really helps make other parts look good and I surprisingly got the hang of it pretty quickly. I used it on a lot of the shirts and probably should have used it on the ones that look like scribbles. So now I know. Meander is your friend. 

It is pretty heavy so I wasn't able to hang it up anywhere to photo so I laid it on the bed and balanced above it on a vanity to take a lopsided photo. The only thing left to do on this bad boy is to add the binding and get the hubs to take some decent shots of it. I hope he likes (& USES) it. 

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