A little something for my hubby

Last fall as I was in the midst of quilting craziness I asked my husband if he would be interested in having a quilt. He didn't seem that interested until I mentioned taking a lot of his unworn t-shirts and making them into a quilt. He really liked that idea. Which is really good since coming up with gift ideas for him is really tricky. So this year I was planning on making him a quilt for father's day as a surprise. He'd picked out the t-shirts months ago and I've been working on it clandestinely when he's not around.

All of the logos/designs/what-have-you on the t-shirts are different sizes so trying to pick one standard size to cut each t-shirt wasn't an option. This was  a piece it as you go project and the layout changed many many times as I was working through it.

I have to admit that I'm not really a big fan of t-shirt quilts. Visually they just aren't that appealing to me. 
I suppose that's not why you make them though. It's all about the memories the t-shirts evoke. This one is  coming together pretty well and I'm really digging it. 

As I was working on finishing up putting on the blocks together I took a risk and laid the quilt out on our bed so that I could more easily measure and figure out how to put the last few blocks on. I figured I was safe since my husband was in the basement watching TV and would likely remain there for the rest of the evening. Went back into my sewing room, sewed some more and came back out to the bedroom to find my husband staring down at the quilt. DOH!! All my secretive sewing was for naught. I told him it was supposed to be a surprise for father's day and he wondered why it was laying out in plain sight. Blah blah blah. The most important thing that came from that discussion was that he loved it. He even said "I love it". Which from a man is pretty huge I think. :)

He wanted to add one more t-shirt to it so it won't get done by father's day since my sewing time during the work week is minimal, which is fine since now I don't have to break my back to finish it by next weekend. 


  1. It looks great! I had thought about doing one for my hubby but my sewing machine is in his office! There was no way I could get it done without him knowing! Love the look and I am with you I am not usually a fan of those types of quilts but I am loving how yours turned out!