Project 1 - Joplin T-shirt has commenced

My supplies: 
After seeing my fabric choice my hubby lets me know he thinks the airplane fabric is too 'pajamay'. Grrr. I hate it when he's even mildly right. So my original plan of all airplane fabric with blue sleeves and collar is thrown into chaos. Chaos being a relative term. After thinking it over and asking a couple of sewing forums for their opinions I decide to move forward with the 'pajamay' airplanes but in a slightly different configuration. 


Now, in every sewing project I've ever undertaken I inevitably do something wrong. This project is no exception. I try to do each step so carefully but for some reason I always mess up some crucial portion. On this particular item I sewed the sleeves in backwards. I only figured this out after having sewed the first sleeve in...not just sewing the seam which could easily have been removed but zigzagged and topstitched to boot. So instead of tearing out three different rows of stitching I decided to just plow forward with the sleeves installed backwards and will figure out the collar later. 

See, messy collar: 

Aside from the messy collar, I am really pleased with how it's turned out so far.


So until I finish the laundry, clean the kitchen, feed my son, go grocery shopping and write long overdue thank you notes (not necessarily in that order) I'm not allowed to work on any sewing projects. Perhaps the overwhelming desire to get this adorable shirt completed will help me finish my 'chores'. :)

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