My Fearful Shame

I've been a hobby demonstrator for Stampin Up for almost 6 years and a try (almost) anything crafter since high school.

In 2009 my craft room looked like this:
Drawers from Target (sadly no longer available)

Table tops are actually 24"wide doors.

Punch board using IKEA Bygel rails

Lovely, organized, clean. So pretty.

Sadly two years later it has devolved horribly into the catch all room...

(you may wish to avert your eyes)

Since this room is so trashed I usually do my projects on the kitchen table (or not at all) and then once I have to clean the kitchen table it goes into the pile that is my craft room.

Well, not anymore. My next project is reclaiming my craft room. Thanks to the new IKEA opening not 20 minutes away (woo hoo!!) I will be completely revamping my craft room to enable me to start and finish all projects in my craft room. The kitchen table is going to have to live with only providing its services for our meals and I am very excited about that.

So each week I will post a picture of my progress. First up...all baby related items shall be removed and hopefully the floor will become visible once more.

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