Getting caught up

It's about time I get my act together and take stock of the projects I've completed in the last month.
The crickets on this blog are getting much too loud.

 First up is my favorite finish...a really cute bubble dress
Bubble dress made using
StraightGrain's tutorial & pattern

My Christmas presents this year were MUCH less ambitious than last year. 
I ended up making little pouches for almost everyone and the men got homemade beef jerky and the ladies got pedicure kits, with fancy nail polish. 

Box pouch, using Kaelin's tutorial on Craftionary's blog
 The below puffy pouch called for a flex frame for the opening and I didn't have any time to order a flex frame though so I had to make do with velcro and wasn't really thrilled with the results, probably because it was self adhesive velcro & not sew in. I was in a time crunch and had to get going so sticky velcro it was.
Puffy pouch using Pink Penguin's tutorial
In the comments of the puffy pouch someone mentioned using a cut up metal tape measure in place of the flex frame so I googled it and found a great tutorial for the following three pouches.

Snappy bag using Just Another Hang Up's  tutorial
A little something from Ian, Rudolph & Santa handprints...just painted his hand with acrylic paint & pressed, then filled in the details with  paintbrush...hopefully the paint won't wash off...or stick to hot pans. Cute, fun & pretty fast. :)

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