I to the K to the E to the A

WOOT! I got my new furniture from IKEA!

I got the 6-drawer Trondheim dresser...one side will hold all my stamp sets and the other side will hold all my fabric. I love that it's counter height so I can put my paper cutter & sizzix on top so I can stand when I cut paper etc. I also got the Expedit workstation so that I'll have a nice surface to cut patterns out on.
I'm still reconfiguring things within the space, mainly how to use the wall storage, but I'm really digging the new layout.
I've still got a LOT of clutter to sort through and put away as well, but I have a cleared off work area and   I can walk in the room without tripping on anything so I could start a new sewing project if I really wanted to. Hee hee.

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